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[Antennaware] Hygain DX-88 Modification suggestion

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Subject: [Antennaware] Hygain DX-88 Modification suggestion
From: david.e.burger at (
Date: Sat Feb 22 10:22:50 2003
Just thought I'd let people know about a compromise performance enhancing
modification to this gem of an antenna.   I use my DX-88 only on 80~12m, as
I have an extensive array of 10m antennas.  So, observing the DX-88
performance on 10m was akin to a dummy load anyway (compared to my 7 and 8
element yagis on 10m).. I proceeded to calculate how much longer the
antenna would be without the 10m trap.

I settled on 720mm, and subsituted an alumiunium tube (we mostly have
metric tubes here nowdays - so it was a challenge) in place of the 10m coil
and tubular capacitor.

Well everything worked fine.. with tweaking for 30m required to a point
where the existing tubing overlaps just 30mm (just over an inch).

There is noticeable improvement on the TX side of things on all bands
now... minus 10m. Funny enough it does receive quite well on 10m.. but the
VSWR is off the wall as one would expect.

David VK2CZ / VK8AA
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