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Go to:

For the manuals.

And for parts a call and a credit card number will get the shipped promptly.

Unlike other companies that purchase companies, MFJ did not double or triple 
Hy-gain prices and Hy-gain is still a pleasure to do business with.

I just finished rebuilding 3 Hy-gain antennas.

de Paul, W8AEF

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Subject: [Antennaware] BA Series Antennas

> Hello
> I have the 205BA, 155BA, and the 105BA Hy-Gain Long John Antennas which I 
> bought years ago and used them for over 20 years down in AZ and was 
> pleased with their performance.
> I have since retired and moved to WA and in the process of refurbishing 
> all 3 antennas to put back up.  My question to the group is apparently the 
> BC dimenisions were made after antenna modeling came into being.
> Is the conversion from BA to BC worth it ? or should I just stick with the 
> old BA dimensions.  Since all my manuals are for BA antennas is there 
> somewhere I can go to download the newer manuals ?   I was told that the 
> beta match rods for the 205BC are different then the 205BA is this true of 
> the 10 and 15 meter beams also ?  Appreciate any comments/suggestions if 
> the change is worth it.
> Does MFJ sell the new beta matches or will I have to make them myself ?
> Thanks
> 73 Gary

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