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[Antennaware] modelling an interlaced 3 bander

Subject: [Antennaware] modelling an interlaced 3 bander
From: "Tim G. Brresen" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 11:50:47 +0100 (CET)
List-post: <>
Hello Antennaware list,
I'm trying to model the Finnish JP2000 interlaced 3 bander, but I ran in 
to some problems.

We are talking a 3 interlaced beams on the same boom. An antenna simmilar 
to the OptiBeams or the Force 12 interlaced ones.Thsi on got 3 elms for 14 
and 21MHz and 4 for 28MHz.

It's driven on the the 14MHz dipole element only, the 21 and 28 DE's are 
exited as sleve elm. from the 14MHz.

Anyone tried to model such a beast? Who whould care to share experiences?

Tim, OZ4GA

P.S. Finnish Antenna Ltd. posted the manual w. all meassures on the net at
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