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[Antennaware] LQQP vs Long Wires

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Subject: [Antennaware] LQQP vs Long Wires
From: "Howard W3CQH" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 12:54:08 -0500
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I live in a antenna restricted community!

I have put up a somewhat stealth antenna. 13ga - solid - blk cover!
It is a 540 ft loop = 180 ft virtually lays on the roof and the remainder 
360 ft is in my attic.
I feed this with 50 ft of RG58u at the center point (6 turns of the 
feedline - approx 8" dia is used as a RF choke) running down to a manual 
The antenna in this configuration is about 1.5:1 across all the bands from 
75m to 6m.  I would like to operate on 160m, but the tuner doesn't cover 
that band, and when I try to go directly the SWR is extreme and we don't use 

My questions are:
1]    should I leave the antenna system alone as is? It works - but as a 
wire system has its limitations due to the clearance off the roof?
2]    should I purchase another antenna tuner that covers 160m - 6m. and 
open the LQQP and make the antenna a single 540 ft piece of wire and ground 
the other side?
3]    should I purchase another antenna tuner that covers 160 - 6m and try 
to make the long side similar to what ever wavelengths are equivalent to a 
Windom configuration?


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