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Subject: [Antennaware] antenna project and software...
From: "StellarCAT" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 12:14:42 -0700
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Possibly (probably?) silly question:

I was wondering - is there anything that prevents one from
designing an antenna for 80 with hi-Q coils such that the
resonant frequency is around 3.52 - 4% (to be used as a
reflector at the low end)... and then have a shunt capacitor (if
needed vacuum variable) at the feed point to "tune" it up the
band to as high as 3.9 + 4% (to be used as a director at the top
end)? Obviously the Q of the cap is very high and it should (?)
be able to handle the high currents I would think...


The idea is to have 2 elements with motor driven caps -
basically a "steppir" for 80 that would follow one around AND
allow "instant" direction change.

Will EZNEC model this very well (the lower cost $80 version)? It
would consist of both lumped inductance as well capacitance.


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