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[Antennaware] 80M loop close to ground

Subject: [Antennaware] 80M loop close to ground
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 01:22:47 -0500
List-post: <>

I have an elevated butternut HF9V and it's fine for a very, very 
small portion of the 80 M band. I'd like to work some DX on 80 and my 
transmatch does not like adjusting wide variations from 1:1 I need a 
decent DX antenna for 80, can't install a ground mounted vert because 
of the high density of scrub/briars around the house.

I used to use a shortened loop antenna with a variable cap at the 
feedpoint/gamma match and remember how well it worked indoors. Don't 
have the parts for adjustment for a shortened 80 loop anymore but am 
thinking of making a full sized horizontal loop which would range 
between 30' to 10' off the ground depending where I can anchor it in 
all the trees.

It would be awful close to the ground and I keep thinking of high 
horizontal polarization but if loops radiate in the plane of the 
loop, would a horizontal one at these low levels be any good for DX? 
It'd certainly be quieter than the vertical.


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