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[Antennaware] Question on Butternut Butterfly Beam

Subject: [Antennaware] Question on Butternut Butterfly Beam
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 15:34:56 EDT
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I have had a Butternut Butterfly Beam that has been up for about 10  years.
The other day I went to use it on 20 meters and SWR was over  3.1.
It had been under 2.1 almost flat on center of 20 meters phone
Ten and 15 meters seemed fine.
Took down antenna and cleaned it all up including clamps etc.
Put it up no change 20 meters still bad.
Called Butternut and they told me nothing.
They did say that the doorknob caps were $29.00 dollars each for the 67pf  
and that I could have had one go bad.
I did not have much confidence in the person that gave me the price plus  
I did not order.
They gave me a number of a man that works for them out of his house.
Can you believe it?
Told me he might be able to help.
I called him at my cost from Florida to Oregon twice.
He had no answers but told me to check the doorknobs.
Looked in my junk box and found two new 67pf doorknobs.
Changed out both of the 20 meter doorknobs.
No change.
The doorknobs were not brown and I didn't think they were  bad but I changed 
them anyway.
Good thing I did not order them from Butternut!
Next thing I am going to change is the coax.
If that does not work nothing is left.
Can any of you guys inform me if I am missing something.
Do you think as I do that the coax went bad.

I checked it with my ohm meter and it checks good.
I also went right to the ant with my MFJ- 259 and a jumper of 6 feet  and get 
the same thing.
Flat on 10 under 2.1 on 15 on the center of both bands.
I am ready to toss this Butternut junk in the trash and deal with a company  
that supports its product.
I think when the company went to Bencher all the good guys at Butternut  
Thanks for any help in advance.

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