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[Antennaware] Fw: 160 meter 3/8 wire, steel or copper

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Subject: [Antennaware] Fw: 160 meter 3/8 wire, steel or copper
From: "OZ1AXG Flam" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 23:26:00 +0200
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Hi Terry

 Thanks a lot for the calculation, and your right, it has been a problem
 getting it close to 50 ohm with the current wire and ground loss. Very
 interresting, that the your calulated values is so consistent with my
 experimental findings.

 An extra question: If I where to replace the antenna wire with a 2.5mm Cu
 wire - what implications would that have ?
 (The 2.5 mm is double up in price :=) or would that just make thing worse ?

 The serial capacity is a bit to large anyway, and last weekend i found out
 that the capacity varies with temperature.
In daytime about 7% reflected power (0n 1824khz) and later on in the evening
 that was 12% - a bit to much for my taste.
I will make some test with the capacitors ... but it looks like capacity
 increases with lower temperatures :=)

 OZ1AXG Flam

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