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[Antennaware] Generic question on balun use

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Subject: [Antennaware] Generic question on balun use
From: "Dennis Berry" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 13:57:41 -0400
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I know this forum is for modeling, but with the talent of hams in this group, 
I'm hoping the question will be pertinent and allowed.

I understand the benefits of baluns in say a dipole antenna fed with a coax 
antenna.  My question is lets say you have an average lot where the feedline 
cannot go away from the antenna at a 90 degree angle, but instead must run 
somewhat parallel or say even at a 45 degree angle to the dipole.  I would 
assume that a balun then looses it's effectiveness as one side of the shield is 
skewed by the radiation from the dipole side it is favoring?  (assuming the 
balun is at the feedpoint)  

It would seem that currents on the feedline side would be induced onto the 
shield?  I'm not wanting to start a debate, just trying to understand if a 
balun at the antenna center feed is still effective if you cannot run the coax 
at a 90 degree angle, and possibly quite to one side of the dipole leg.

Looking for some wise advice on this issue, and thanks in advance.

Dennis, NU8S

Note:  reason being I am thinking of hanging some type of 160/80M dipole over a 
bit of a ravine, and the feedline cannot run at a 90 degree to the dipole.  If 
it is not worth putting a balun at the center, I'll not bother, so trying to 
understand if it will be helpful.  It's a steep ravine and only one to cross it 
once, with my legs and age.  hihi...
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