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Re: [Antennaware] 204' G5RV

Subject: Re: [Antennaware] 204' G5RV
From: Alain Michel <>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 14:39:06 -0800 (PST)
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Hello All,

New subscriber and relatively new to ham radio here! I am 
seeking your input on just how the lobes of the antenna are affected by 
the relative heights of the "arms" of the antenna.

I am blessed 
with more than 4 acres of property. My antenna points to 
the NE and the SW. The feed point is up close to 40' or so on a fiberglass 
mast. However, 
given the height of the eucalyptus trees on the property, the relative angles 
of each half of the dipole are 
different. The property is on a slope and the highest spot on the 
property is the SW corner.

The end in the SW corner is at about 
"10:00 o'clock" and 35 foot from the ground; the other end in the NE is 
about "3 o'clock" and about 40' from the ground. I cannot raise the NE 
corner [or the feed point] because I've run out of tree at 40'!

However, the SW corner can go up another 8' or so [to 43'].

The property itself resembles a very large soup bowl; high on the ends and 
low in the center. The antenna is hung from the lower left and upper 
right edges of the bowl [or in the 8 o'clock and 2 o'clock 
positions]. Nothing fancy here; just the G5RV and an IC 775DSP running 
barefoot. The antenna will work all bands from 160-10 meters accept 
don't like 21 MHz much at all!

Which would be the best position for 
the antenna?

1) as parallel to the ground as possible
2) raise the SW corner 8' more and see what happens
3) lower the SW corner to simulate the NE corner 
4) expect a negligible change regardless of 
what you do
5) leave well enough alone

Many thanks for taking 
the time to respond!


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