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ARRL phone DX contest.

Subject: ARRL phone DX contest.
From: alan@dsd.es.com (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon Mar 9 08:28:36 1992
As usual, I operated 10 meters single-band, with a few QSOs on the
other bands to the deserving. Not being a big fan of phone contests,
it was a low impact effort. We had a pipeline into Italy on Sunday
morning - I3MAU and others were pushing 30 over S9. Many other big
European signals were also very strong into the late afternoon. I
worked my last European, GU0ELF, at 2049Z. They were still coming
in for at least another hour. Yet another great day on 10 meters.
Worked a few nice ones; JT, 4K2, 5U, JY, 3D2(R), and Z2. Z21BL was
quite workable at 0450Z Friday night. Almost had to be long path,
but I did not check. He was the only African that I heard at that
time. As usual, there was not much activity out of Africa anyway.
Wound up with about 550 QSOs in 89 countries, beating my score
from last year.

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