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3A, Monaco

Subject: 3A, Monaco
From: price@cod.nosc.mil (James N. Price)
Date: Mon Mar 9 09:30:16 1992
I'm sneaking up on 300 DXCC countries, and am looking for any
"easy" ones to reach the magic number (at least it's going to be
magic for me!).

I'm frustrated by my inability to work 3A, Monaco.  I see almost
every week in the DX Bulletin that someone has contacted 3A2LU,
LF, DD, and several others.  I've honestly never heard a 3A in my
25+ years of hamming, and 3 very active recent years of DXing.
Apparently they are there, but tough to find, etc.

Any specific ideas on skeds, likely operating times/freqs, etc?
Any of you have a sked with a 3A regularly?  Will any of the
"active" 3A guys make skeds?

Tnx in advance for any help.  I run a barefoot Xcvr and a
tri-bander, by the way, so it takes reasonably good condx for me
to work Eu stations from here (San Diego).

--Jim, K6ZH

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