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Subject: Passing
From: pescatore_jt%ncsd.dnet@gte.com (pescatore_jt%ncsd.dnet@gte.com)
Date: Mon Mar 9 13:25:59 1992
> We started a trend, that I believe N2NT and N5AU copied. Multi-multis (good
> ones, anyway) always pass multipliers between bands, but we started passing
> *contacts* 

>>I believe people have been doing this for some time now.


I've shared passbands many times with N5AU, N2RM, etc and never heard anyone
ask IK4ABC to go to 28.464, and then have 10 meters ask them to go to 14.155.
Pre-CT we would all say "Look for us on 10 meters" etc. We were doing this on
Sat afternoon on 21.211, with N2NT and N5AU below us - they followed shortly.


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