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ARRL phone DX contest

Subject: ARRL phone DX contest
From: craigr@marlin.nosc.mil (Raymond D. Craig)
Date: Tue Mar 10 08:47:48 1992
Due to other commitments, wasn't able to put in a full effort but managed to
get 13.5 hours on 10 mtrs (according to CT).  Mostly search and pounce and
avoiding running JA's.  624 Q's and 109 countries with 55% of the Q's in 
Europe.  Had a great long-path opening Friday nite over the south pole with
9K2TC very loud.  Quite a few deep Russians coming thru also.  Sunday morning
SU1CR answered a CQ.  
Really lots of fun to have computer control of the radio and have the packet
hooked to the CT program.  Instant QSY's to pickup mults and then back to the
running freq.  Great fun...
                                Rick N6ND    craigr@marlin.nosc.mil

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