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From: george554@austin.relay.ucm.org (george554@austin.relay.ucm.org)
Date: Tue Mar 10 01:25:07 1992
ekk> We started a trend, that I believe N2NT and N5AU copied. Multi-multis (good
ekk> ones, anyway) always pass multipliers between bands, but we started passing
ekk> *contacts* 

kkn>>I believe people have been doing this for some time now.


ekk>I've shared passbands many times with N5AU, N2RM, etc and never heard anyone
ekk>ask IK4ABC to go to 28.464, and then have 10 meters ask them to go to 
ekk>Pre-CT we would all say "Look for us on 10 meters" etc. We were doing this 
ekk>Sat afternoon on 21.211, with N2NT and N5AU below us - they followed 


i have been doing that since 1984 arrl contest at n5au. n5ddo was on 10m
i was on 15m. the rate was slow and we started passing qs it worked so
well that we told everyone to go to the other band. 
since then every m/m or m/2 at n5au has done this. we would have been 
doing it sooner and better during this years arrl but, i had a  station
full of ops that had never been to n5au and most have never ever done a 
m/m or much contesti
ng for that matter. i am amazed that we did as  well
as we did considering our ops. 

all in all it  was a good weekend. i got to work on the station and fix
some of the broken stuff. 

the best contact for me was working an iv3 on 160m then getting called
by and then working tm5c over the top of the iv3 and the us pileup :)

the sked bug is still in version 7.25.

n5au m/m
29/17 108/45 399/76 1262/135 2003/146 1714/142  5515/561  9.28M


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