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CQWW and ARRL.CTY files

Subject: CQWW and ARRL.CTY files
From: k2ph@dxis.att.com (Bob Schreibmaier)
Date: Tue Mar 10 15:26:09 1992
I hate to be a nit-picker in my very first posting to this forum,
but that's the kind of person I am.  :-)

First, the work that N6TV and N6RJ (any others?) do to keep these
files up to date is very much appreciated.  Using the latest .cty
files always seems to pick up a couple new mults.  I would like
to see a little better coordination of cqww.cty and arrl.cty with
ctyhdg.pre, for those of us who use ctyhdg to generate countries
lists with beam headings built in.  It appears that if the country
name is greater than 19 characters (including spaces), CT will be
unable to locate the zone for that country in the CQWW contest.
I realize that the countries in question, such as St. Peter & Paul
Islands and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, probably aren't going to
show up, but maybe there will be a DXpedition during a future

Well, I told you it was nit-picky...

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a.k.a. "The QRPer"        | Internet: k2ph@dxis.att.com
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