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HB4 and HB8

Subject: HB4 and HB8
From: brm@otl.sma.ch (Marco Brignoli)
Date: Mon Mar 16 12:08:28 1992
Hello !

This is a short information concerning the calls used here in Switzerland.
Usually we are using HB9xxx calls, in 1991 we have used HE7xxx, but there
is a few number of additional prefixes :

HB4 is the prefix for ham radio stations of the army
HB8 is the prefix for special experimental stations allowed to operate
    inside the ham bands (and even outside).

Now we have seen that contesting from an HB4 station is a big problem .... A 
lot of peoples think that HB4 stations are PIRATE and don't want to make a QSO. 
Aggggggg  .... NO ! This is not true ! HB4 calls are OK and the QSL address is 
in the CB (buro is also OK).
Tnx and 73,

                                                Marco, HB9SFD

P.S. Look for HB4 during the WPX .....

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