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CT 6.26 Shareware

Subject: CT 6.26 Shareware
From: reisert@mast.enet.dec.com (Jim -- MLO3-6/B9 -- DTN 223-5747 26-Mar-1992 0836)
Date: Thu Mar 26 08:32:53 1992
I was incorrect about the statements I made earlier this week in the
rec.radio.amateur.misc USENET group.  Apparently a special shareware version
of CT 6.26 (contest logging software by K1EA) has been available for
downloading from the W6GO BBS - 916-992-0923 - since February, 1991.
However, this BBS has access restrictions - you are allowed 15 minutes of
'browse' time, and you must pay $25 to become a subscriber.  If you have a
9600 baud modem, it only takes 4 minutes to download the software, which can
be accomplished in the 'browse' time.  Those of you with slower modems are
out of luck.

I have asked K1EA if it is OK to post CT 6.26 shareware to the net (i.e.,
upload it to FTP sites, etc.).  I have not heard back from him yet.  I will,
however, mail a UUENCODED copy of the .ZIP file to anyone who sends mail to
me at the address in my .sig.

Further updates as events warrant.

73 - Jim AD1C

I only work for Digital, they don't pay me enough to speak for them also.

James J. Reisert                Internet:  reisert@mast.enet.dec.com
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