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WPX score rumors.

Subject: WPX score rumors.
From: alan@dsd.es.com (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon Mar 30 07:34:13 1992
K6XO/7  Single op., Single band (10)  651 Q  307 Mult.

Conditions were not good Sunday morning. No Europe or Africa;
managed QSOs with IU9A and GB8LC on backscatter out of the
Caribbean. When I turned the antenna toward them, they
disappeared into the noise. I did not spend much time at this,
and had amplifier trouble on Sunday afternoon. Only worked 11
prefixes in the 7th U.S. call area and only 8 prefixes in the
5th call area. Where were all the 5s? I did not work my own
prefix either (no K6 or K7). Good opening into Europe/Africa
on Saturday, but I had to QRT at 1530Z.

I heard HC8A, operated by Rich, N6KT, break 7000 QSOs on
Sunday afternoon - he seemed to be well ahead of the big guns.

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