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WPX operating time

Subject: WPX operating time
From: RJA@utrc.utc.com (RICH)
Date: Mon Mar 30 17:45:00 1992
    I agree with comments made thus far about the undesirability of the new
36-hour format of the WPX.  It seems to put more unnecessary strain on the
single-op and adds boredom to the single-band entrants.  As far as low-band
activity goes, the added point values of low-band QSO's should in itself
increase the activity on those bands. 
    Personally I would prefer the contest to be a straight 24-hour contest --
no off-times to encourage those inclined to sneak in listening time and
multiplier picking.  It would concentrate activity more and would make 
operating full bore more palatable to a larger number of people.  The idea
of a another non-stop 48-hour contest is not likely to get more people to
enter this contest in a competitive manner.  The idea of a 24-hour contest is 
much enticing to someone considering a competitive entry (not to mention the 
rest of the household!).  The IARU HF Championship in July with its 24-hour 
format is one of the best kept secrets of a really fun contest, too bad it's 
in July when everyone would rather be out on a beach.
                                        -- Rich K1CC

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