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WPX operating time

Subject: WPX operating time
From: GARLOUGH@TGV.COM (Trey Garlough)
Date: Mon Mar 30 19:03:50 1992
>    K1CC made the point that low-band activity should be enhanced by the
> extra point value of the QSOs.  Unfortunately, when one is confronted by
> the problem of finding 12 or 18 hours to take off ... the extra point value
> does not offset the need to take time off!

I disagree.  The 2X point value of low band QSOs is a *huge* factor in 
operating stategy in WPX.  Working 70/hr into Europe on 40 yields more 
points than working 135/hr on 20.  This forces a lot of activity down to 
40 meters.  2X isn't enough to make 80 and 160 worthwhile, but so what?
The CW contest takes place within weeks of the summer solstice, making 
80 and 160 painfully noisy.  This forces a lot of activity up to 40 meters.  
Furthermore there isn't enough darkness this time of year to make any
quantity of interesting long distance QSOs on 80 and 160.  

In fact, all this makes 40 meters the focal point of the entire event!

Furthermore, I think the lack of emphasis on 80 and 160 is better for
competition, as these are the bands most severly influenced by big
antennas and geographical factors.  More on this later; I'm late for 


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