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From: george554@austin.relay.ucm.org (george554@austin.relay.ucm.org)
Date: Tue Mar 31 08:56:33 1992
all this talk about wpx operating time is getting a bit 
over-complicated. i have always liked wpx. 30 hours seemed a 
bit short too me in the past but after having done 4 or 5 
years of single band efforts i much prefer 30 hours. i did 
an all band effort this time and the 36 hours was just about
right for that. i would not have wanted anymore. 
having said that, it is real simple.  30 hours the best esp. for
single banders. 36 hours is ok -- you dont get as much tv watching time
though. 2x points for the low bands is more than enough incentive.
i took most of my off time during the day so that i was on when i 
could make contacts on 40m.
make the contest 30 to 36 hours long and forget all this talk of 
diffrent 12 or 6 hours segments or whatever. 
well wait maybe if we .... yeah.... you can only operate for one hour
but then you must take the next 2 hours off unless the next complete
hour is on 160 or the next 2 hours is on 80 for 1/3 of the 2 hours with
the other 2/3 's of the 2 hours spent on 160 if and only if you
take the next hour off. off time counts as off time -- no exceptions -- 
you can watch cabbage punching on tv or clean out the garage.
austin c.k.u.

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