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WPX rules

Subject: WPX rules
From: pascoe%rocky.dnet@gte.com (Dave Pascoe)
Date: Tue Mar 31 12:18:50 1992
> You can always change back. The contest rules weren't handed down on a tablet
> from Marconi, Morse, or Kenwood.
> John WB2EKK

Agreed......but I'd like to see the rules reach some steady state.  Otherwise
the all-time records keep getting reset and there will never a connected
history to the contest.

I've operated WPX more or less every year for the past ten years and
30 hours was fine with me.  I have traditionally operated as
single-op, some all-band and some single-band (even did 40m phone a
couple of times, sick).  As single-op all-band there is much more
strategy involved in a 30-hour as opposed to a 36-hour contest.  I
think I favor the 30-hour format because I thrive on the competitive
and strategy aspects of contesting.

But I can live with 36 hours.....more time to run guys....

I think this is being a little overanalyzed.....besides, it's not 
WORLD WIDE they've changed.....IT'S ONLY WPX...

Dave Pascoe
GTE/SCSD  |  pascoe@rocky.gte.com
KM3T      |  (617) 455-5704

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