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WPX operating time

Subject: WPX operating time
From: larryt@rocky.ateq.com (Larry Tyree x 7210)
Date: Tue Mar 31 14:19:24 1992
I would just like to say it is nice to see an issue that has everyone
talking!!  It was getting kinda boring the past couple of weeks.

I like George's idea the best (whatever it is) and maybe we should just
comprimise on 33 hours?

Now that I am a family man, I find it more and more difficult to operate
any contest all out except the sprints.  I can probably operate three
or four all out efforts a year that take up more than a few hours.

I know this idea has been kicked around before, but I think it would be
neat for people like me to band together and create an awards program
for all the major contests that has some sort of operating time
schedule that allows you to still be a part of your family.  It could
be something like operate 1 hour on each of the bands at any time
you like during the contest or something like that.  We wouldn't have
to have any rule changes and we can probably get some space in the NCJ
to publish the results.  We could even have some awards.  This could
continue into an awards program that you could accumulate points towards
during any contest, but again using the same "keep peace in the family"
operating formula.

I would even be willing to run such an operation, but I would like to
know if it is a popular idea or if I am just dreaming my own dream.

What would be a good formula??


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