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VHF Sprints

Subject: VHF Sprints
From: es@mvuxb.att.com (es@mvuxb.att.com)
Date: Tue Mar 3 12:59:00 1992
VHF Sprints: Another Opinion

K9AKS and WB5VZL have raised several interesting issues regarding the 
VHF Sprints.  I have always enjoyed operating the Sprints and I would
like to see a renewal of activity.  Here's my two cents worth.

1. Decline of Activity
   I blame the lack of QST support for announcement and results
   reporting as the major factor.  The correlation between the downturn in
   participation and the switch from QST to NCJ is convincing.  Most of the
   average VHFers, who constitute the majority of QSO points, do not read NCJ.
   A few of them might catch the little blurb in Contest Corral, but generally
   they don't know about the Sprints until its too late.
   The League needs to be convinced to give this sporting event better 

   If you are a VHFer who's main purpose is to move up the VUCC Honor Roll
   then maybe there wouldn't be much point in operating a Sprint, but
   from a VHF Contester's perspective, the magic of grid squares is not
2. Recommended Changes
   I like the current plan of utilizing "activity nights" in April and May.
   It gives me the opportunity to do a little VHF contesting
   without chewing up part of a weekend (6m being the exception).
   My XYL doesn't even notice that I am "contesting"; this is an advantage.

   I would like to see the Fall Sprints return, but with some of the changes
   that George talked about.

   -  all bands
   -  scoring as in the QSO Parties
   -  6 hour duration; gives the rovers a chance to move around somewhat.
      Start at 1800Z so rovers can set up and operate with a few hours
      of natural light.
   -  occurring on the weekend before CQWW SSB would be good, the rovers
      up north appreciate the warmer wx.  With the UHF Test in August and
      summer weekends a rare commodity, I wouldn't go with a summer date.
      (remember the VHFWPX Contest?)
What are your thoughts??

de Ed, K1TR

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