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Subject: QRT
From: k4pql@vnet.ibm.com (Howard Hoyt)
Date: Tue Mar 10 09:57:13 1992
Subject: N4IN, Silent Key

The March 1992 PVRC newsletter contained the following article about Don.

Reported by K3ZO: "The sad news came in a phone call from Bob, K3EST.
Don McClennon, N4IN, ex W3IN and W3EIS has died. For years and years
Don was one of the mainstays of PVRC. He was perhaps the first
theoretician on the ARRL SS, publishing learned tracts in QST on SS
hourly rates and how to improve them. After retiring to Florida, Don
continued to keep active in contests, and became the manager of CQ's
160 meter contests. Appropriately, Don was checking logs when stricken.
Don was 75."

I operated with Don for years at the W3AU multi-multis in the 1970s. Don
was one of the true masters of radio contesting.

73, Ray, KT4W

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