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Subject: CT
From: k4pql@vnet.ibm.com (Howard Hoyt)
Date: Tue Mar 10 10:41:31 1992
               (From IBM Contest FORUM)
Subject: Countries lists updated again with new input from N6RJ

Once again I have updated CQWW CTY and ARRL CTY.  On Saturday I
received a new disk from N6RJ with versions dated 3/5/92.  FO0CI was
included.  I added 3D2DD (Rotuma) and fixed the VP8 and JD1 entries,
making a unique "prefix" for each.  I also changed GB from Scotland to

Interesting problem:  I worked JP1KDC/JD1 on Minami Torishima and
JR7TKC/JD1 on Ogasawara, both on 15 meters.  I could not see a way to
make CT count these as two different multipliers.  CT thinks all
stations signing "/JD1" are on Ogasawara.  So, to get around the
problem I added "JD1M" to the Minami Torishima line in ARRL.CTY, and
changed the log entry to JP1KDC/JD1M.

By the way, did anyone else log VP25EE?  I assume this is VP2E
(Anguilla), but it may just be a typo.  I added VP25E to ARRL.CTY
to keep VP25EE out of the ".BAD" file.
               (subsequently answered as 'yes' on forum)
Bob, N6TV

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