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CT Code Speed

Subject: CT Code Speed
From: ames@nebula.decnet.lockheed.com (ames@nebula.decnet.lockheed.com)
Date: Mon Feb 1 08:47:17 1993
Recently got CT contest logging software, but noticed code speed is variable
from 20 wpm to 40 wpm.  Does this mean that this option has no value to those
are still working towards extra class?  For a Tech-Plus, such as me, would
the NA software be better?  Has anyone attempted to rip open the part of the
code that sets speed with a disassemblier such as Dis-Doc?  Looks like I may
be operating "sans computer for ARRL CW DX content (?).  Any advise out there?

        73 de N2ALE/6  Alan

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