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CQ 160 score - W7RM

Subject: CQ 160 score - W7RM
Date: Mon Feb 1 09:02:39 1993
W7RM single op (AA7NX op)
489 Q x 52 W/VE x 11 DX = 102,564

This score is tentative. I too may be missing the mult for W7SW/MM. My ears
are still ringing! Had the opportunity to use an interesting device called
an NIR-10 DSP. This is an audio DSP that funtions as both a very sharp BP
filter as well as a signal processor. I had it in and out of the circuit
off and on for the whole contest and determined that in most cases my ears
are better than it at retrieving the intelligence in the noisy signal. As
note in the manual, it performed better when the S/N was better. I performed
better when the S/N was worse. Another example of the incredible signal
processing capabilities that our brains have versus the current limits of
technology (at least the technology that we civilians have access to).
When looking at the price (>$300 US), I am not convinced it returns enough
for me to buy it. If I were a phone op, the instant heterodyne suppression
may make it worthwhile. I would be very interested in hearing about any other
experiences with the NIR-10 or other DSPs. Has anyone taken the step of
modifying the NIR-10's processing algorithms? Thanks for all the 160 Qs too!
Michael R. Conatore
(503) 294-6769
IBM Oregon Trading Area
1211 S. W. Fifth Avenue Suite 1000  Portland, Oregon 97204

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