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w9gr DSP

Subject: w9gr DSP
From: 70602.453@CompuServe.COM (Craig L. Bystrom)
Date: Tue Feb 2 11:11:11 1993
>i am interested in knowing if there is anyone that has had experience in using
>the DSP from the article in qst in a contest environment, cw or phone.
I recently built the w9gr DSP, although the only contest I have used it in
so far is the NA qso party. My results have been similar to those of AA7NX,
who commented on the NIR-10 unit. If the signal you are after is at least an
s-unit above the noise, the automatic denoiser works amazingly well, it's
much less fatiguing to listen to. If the signal is near the noise level,
the unit actually makes it harder to copy a weak signal, due to some digital
growl, and what sounds like quantization errors. (The unit doesn't have
enough bits of resolution to accurately reproduce low level signals, and
this results in distortion.) I found myself switching it out when going after
weaker signals. The automatic notch filter works well, 40 meters is a new band
with all those carriers gone! The 200hz cw filter is a bit sharp for me, the
skirts are so steep that you can't hear anyone who calls very far off your
freq. I'm looking forward to trying it in the arrl dx tests. I hope this helps.
73, Craig AA7RN  (70602.453@compuserve.com)

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