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Nets for Bosnia Traffic?

Subject: Nets for Bosnia Traffic?
From: Doug.Grant@analog.com (Doug.Grant@analog.com)
Date: Tue Feb 2 16:02:00 1993
A friend of mine has a student from Sarajevo staying with his family. She
hasn't heard from her family in 10 months, and recently learned that the Serbs
bombed her apartment building. There are apparently no working formal channels
for finding out health & welfare status of families - the Red Cross can't seem
to help if there's no building left.

I know it's not contesting, and most of us abhor nets, but I've been asked to
find out if there are any nets handling such traffic.

Anyone know of any?

p.s. K1DG Score in CQ 160 was 450 Q, 23 C, 54S, 106K points. 5.5 hours.

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