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Dayton Dinner

Subject: Dayton Dinner
From: k3lr@telerama.pgh.pa.us (k3lr)
Date: Thu Feb 4 00:06:44 1993
Yes, there will be a contest dinner at Dayton.  It replaces the
traditional FRC/YCCC joint meeting/dinner.  It is open to all
(including KM9P).  There are 4 clubs who are sponsering this dinner.
Frankford Radio Club, Mad River Contest Club, Yankee Clipper Contest
Club and North Coast Contesters.  The sponsers are given 1st shot at
If you want more inforamation, please send a SASE to:
North Coast Contesters - Dayton Dinner
P.O. Box 59
New Bedford, PA 16140
Tim K3LR

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