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Contest History Made

Subject: Contest History Made
From: Doug.Grant@analog.com (Doug.Grant@analog.com)
Date: Thu Feb 4 18:37:00 1993
I hereby lay claim to a contest "first", unless anyone else can challenge

The K1DG NAQP SSB log was submitted to (and received by) the contest sponsor
all-electronically. The NA ".prn" file was successfully uploaded to KZ2S via
Internet. Could this be the wave of the future?

I know of one log submitted by fax once before, but this event allows
completely paperless, postageless log submission. I think this could be the
start of something interesting.

I have been informed that of the 3080 logs received for the CQWW SSB this
year, over 600 were submitted on disk. I think that's amazing. Maybe next year
CQ will be able to accept Internet submissions.

For those interested in the details...

I tried uploading the NA ".qso" file, but binary files get screwed up on the
final link to KZ2S, which, incidentally, is a packet radio link. A more robust
conention would probably be able to handle the format. The file I sent was
about 45Kbytes, and left my PC for the Internet connection in a total time of
about a minute. IF you try to do it from a 2400 bps modem connection, it will
take a long time for a big log.

Wonder when ARRL and CQ will establish Internet-accessible EMail addresses for
.bin file submission...

Are computers neat or what?

Doug   K1DG

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