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Contest History Made

Subject: Contest History Made
From: GARLOUGH@TGV.COM (Trey Garlough)
Date: Thu Feb 4 18:16:26 1993
> I hereby lay claim to a contest "first", unless anyone else can challenge
> it...
> The K1DG NAQP SSB log was submitted to (and received by) the contest sponsor
> all-electronically. The NA ".prn" file was successfully uploaded to KZ2S via
> Internet. Could this be the wave of the future?
> I know of one log submitted by fax once before, but this event allows
> completely paperless, postageless log submission. I think this could be the
> start of something interesting.

For a number of years (while I was the NCJ CW Sprint editor) I accepted 
emailed Sprint logs from WB5VZL, AA5BT and a few others.  In more recent 
years I have been getting logs this way regularly from N6TV.  It sure does 
cut down on dead trees.

> Wonder when ARRL and CQ will establish Internet-accessible EMail addresses for
> .bin file submission...

I have taken every recent opportunity sell people on the idea (K3EST, K1AR, 
KR1R, anyone else who might listen) but these things take time.  In particular,
a few Internet-connected hams from the "Former Soviet Union" have asked me to 
lobby for this in light of rising costs for shipping dead trees to North 

Now that N6TR and K7GM (the current CW and SSB Sprint editors) are on the 
Internet, I think we are getting closer to formalizing the submission of 
Sprint logs via electronic mail. 


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