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Subject: E-Mail Contest Logs
From: Doug.Grant@analog.com (Doug.Grant@analog.com)
Date: Fri Feb 5 10:32:00 1993
I shoulda known that Trey would have done it before me - at least I (think) I
can claim the first NAQP log submitted by E-Mail (or at least the first one
sent to KZ2S...).

I was asked at a recent YCCC meeting why CQ still requires logs on both disk
and paper...my response was that since logs get sent all over the place for
checking and don't just stay at CQ, there's a possibility of a disk getting
lost - after all, if the label on the disk falls off somewhere, it's kinda
hard to just look at the disk and see which log it is. In the course of
checking logs, I find it helpful to have the paper copy handy to mark up with
the dreaded red pen.

I also got a log on a completely unreadable disk last year...good thing they
guy sent paper, too, because there wouldn't have been time to get another disk
(he lives in a country with notoriously bad mail service), and he won a

Also, some interesting patterns emerge in scrutinizing paper logs - I recall
one log where the last 10 QSOs on every page were bogus - this was proven -
and a pattern like this wouldn't have been visible in a completely electronic
submission/checking process. The sleazebag got DQed...

SUre, the logchecker could print the log himself, but logchecking is tedious
enough without having to listen to a printer grind away printing a big log for
a half-hour first.

But havign said all that, I expect ell-electronic submission to be the normal
procedure 5 years from now. Technology marches on...

Doug  K1DG

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