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Electronic logs

Subject: Electronic logs
From: tucker@eedsp.gatech.edu (Jeff Tucker N9HZQ)
Date: Sat Feb 6 16:52:22 1993
I sent a note to the ARRL asking about submitting electronic logs.
I've appended the response from Billy Lunt, KR1R.  He says that email
is fine.  In order to send a binary file via email, we would have
to use uuencode, but I assume that shouldn't be a problem on their

I know how the W4AQL ARRL DX SSB contest logs will get there this

73 de Jeff N9HZQ
On Feb 5,  2:50pm, Tammy-Beth Zimmerman KA1WWP wrote:
} Subject: Re: electronic logs
} Jeff:
} Yes, you can submit your ARRL contest entries via e-mail. 
} Use the address: contest@arrl.org
} We also have a BBS that you can upload your files to
} (203-665-0090). If you are using electronic means all we need
} is the summary file and the *.LOG file (Of coarse in the 
} ARRL Suggested File Format). ZIP, ARC, or PAK them together.
} If sending a disk to HQ all we need is the *.LOG file and a 
} "PAPER" summary sheet--We don't want to print summaries all
} day long. No other paper work is needed (or wanted--we just
} throw away unwanted paper logs).
} 73,
} Billy Lunt, KR1R
} Contest Manager, ARRL
}-- End of excerpt from Tammy-Beth Zimmerman KA1WWP

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