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Sprint score

Subject: Sprint score
From: price@cod.nosc.mil (James N. Price)
Date: Sat Feb 6 23:17:19 1993
Well, I'm not *real* proud of it, but K6ZH made 196 Qs, 39 mults,
7644 points with 100 watts, a TH-3 on 20 and dipoles at 30 feet
on 40 and 80.  I had hoped to make 200 Qs as I did a couple of
years ago, but didn't quite make it.  More mults/points than
before, however.  Biggest kick--VE1QJ called me on 40 meters for
a mult!

A TS-430S with the standard Kenwood 500 Hz CW filter really sucks
(at least for this contest)!  Is there an after-market CW filter
for this radio (e.g.  Fox Tango?)

--Jim, K6ZH

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