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Sprint logs

Subject: Sprint logs
From: intelhf!agora!putz!tyreel@uunet.UU.NET (intelhf!agora!putz!tyreel@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Sun Feb 7 05:31:05 1993
Well, it only took 12 minutes and 4 seconds after the contest for
Howie, K4PQL to send in his log.  My computer received it around
1:30 in the morning and here I am at 5 in the morning looking at
it.  Gee, I wonder if my QSOs are in there okay???

So Howie, here is your QSL.

A great contest.  Guess I need to save some of my thunder for the writeup,
but at first glance, it looks like about 30 stations broke 300.  That must
be a new record.  I don't have all the scores, but here is what I heard:

    KR0Y  365-43
  WN4KKN  338-44
    N6AA  333-44 (revised mult count)
    N5RZ  346-42
    K5GN  344-42
    N2IC  341-42
    K1TO  330-43
    N6TR  350-40
    N6TV  328-42
    N6UR  330-41
    N6RO  302-42

Hopefully someone else will post a more complete list.  I had to go finish
my daughters bath the instant the contest stopped.

BTW, I had no idea anyone else except Trey and I were going to use the 
name TREE.  When I worked WA6K in WASH on 20 meters, I was just as
surprised as you all were.

For me, the quote: "Couldn't see the mults through all the Trees" seems like
my best soapbox comment.

It was a blast.  Hope you had fun.  Don't forget to mail those logs (and
disks) to:

 Larry Tyree N6TR
 15125 SE Bartell Road
 Boring, OR 97009

As mentioned before, you can E-Mail your logs to putz!tyreel@uunet.uu.net
in any ASCII format.  Be sure to follow up with a mailed summary sheet.


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