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E-mail log format

Subject: E-mail log format
From: /R=UTRC/R=MRGATE/U=RJA/FFN=RJA/@mrgate.utc.com (/R=UTRC/R=MRGATE/U=RJA/FFN=RJA/@mrgate.utc.com)
Date: Mon Feb 8 13:26:23 1993
I would suggest sending e-mail logs to Tree in the "ARRL Suggested File
Format".  Not that it's that big of a deal to edit an ASCII file, but
it would encourage use of that format which the CAC and ARRL HQ developed.
It just makes everyone's job just a little easier (and a big time-saver
for the League that processes a LOT of logs).  A copy of the format can 
be had from the Contest Branch for an SASE.  Current versions of CT and 
NA both produce that format for the ARRL Contests.  CQ Magazine will
take anything, but if I understand correctly, only use the data for
uniques analysis.
                                -- Rich K1CC

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