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Phone Sprint

Subject: Phone Sprint
From: N098EQ@tamvm1.tamu.edu (Rick K7GM)
Date: Wed Feb 10 16:52:05 1993

     Tree came out to visit a week or so back and gave me all this
great software for use in checking logs.  Since he was so nice to give
it to me, I figure I should use it.  So, for Phone Sprints, please send
your logs in a computer file if at all possible.  Disks are fine using
NA format (I have 6.02) or an ASCII file.

     I also am interested in allowing e-mail submission of logs.  I need
to make sure I can get them off our VM system and onto a floppy before I
give the final ok.  Give me until early next week.

     My e-mail address for Sprint logs (assuming I say ok) and for any
other correspondance is:
          Bitnet:   n098eq@tamvm1
          Internet: n098eq@tamvm1.tamu.edu

     NOTE that the character after the "n" is a zero, not an "oh."

     In July or so my address will change.  I'll be moving to either
Greensboro or Greenville, North Carolina around then.

     I will accept teams for the Phone Sprint via e-mail.  I will not
be in town from Thursday noon to Sunday late (I'll be in NC and will
miss the contest) so I can't give you an acknowledgement.  You can
also give me Sprint team info via phone (409-764-1083, leave the info
with my wife, Debi, or on the recorder), or via FAX (409-845-0028).  As
long as I get the team info prior to the contest (one hour prior) you
are covered.

     Rick, K7GM

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