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FT1000 + CT: Trouble

Subject: FT1000 + CT: Trouble
From: OOPDAVID@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (D.RODMAN)
Date: Thu Feb 11 06:45:03 1993
Several persons contacted me about difficulty with timeout errors with
the radio interface in CT and the FT1000.  It seems there are many of us
here with the same situation.  Is there anyone there who can assist us?

Problem: CT (ver 8.21) is interfacing both IC761s and IC765s without 
errors.  The interface is by J-Com.  Yaesu says I have the only EPROM
update and this was installed.  The FT1000 is successfully controlled
by other software.  The Alt-F3 command does not work with CT, the 
timeout error message appears.  The Alt-F4 command DOES work, but 
sluggishly.  The CAT System light illuminates each try with Alt-F3.
A voice message to CT people has not been answered by BBS message (yet).
The message was left Monday.

Any more thoughts?
73, Dave.

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