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FT1000 + CT: Trouble

Subject: FT1000 + CT: Trouble
From: reisert@mast.enet.dec.com (Jim Reisert AD1C 11-Feb-1993 0918)
Date: Thu Feb 11 09:13:49 1993
------------------Reply to mail dated 11-FEB-1993 07:19:12.28------------------

>Problem: CT (ver 8.21) is interfacing both IC761s and IC765s without 
>errors.  The interface is by J-Com.  Yaesu says I have the only EPROM
>update and this was installed.  The FT1000 is successfully controlled
>by other software.  The Alt-F3 command does not work with CT, the 
>timeout error message appears.  The Alt-F4 command DOES work, but 
>sluggishly.  The CAT System light illuminates each try with Alt-F3.

Yaesu has a fix for this problem. The FT1000/JCOM product need a 2.7K from
pin 1 to pin 2 of the Yaesu din connector. Contact Chip Margelli at Yaesu if
you need further details. - Ken


73 - Jim AD1C

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