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M/S in WPX, second TX allowed?

Subject: M/S in WPX, second TX allowed?
From: buettneb@guug.de (buettneb@guug.de)
Date: Thu Feb 11 19:50:51 1993
Hi Contesters,

Trying to convince my friends in LX that they could use
a second station for multipliers in the WPX, I said I would
bring a copy of the original  anouncement in CQ.
DK2OY does not yet have the Feb 93 issue, so I took
the January 1992 issue. I doubt there will be much of a 
change regarding this detail in 1993.

Maybe I don't understand Enligsh too well, but where does
it say, it's allowed to have a second station in WPX
in the M/S category?

Any hints and pointers welcoime..

[] Bernhard Buettner (Ben)
[]      Mail: Am Brunnen 18, 8011 Kirchheim, Germany
[]  Internet: buettneb@guug.de
[]    Packet: DL6RAI @ DB0AAB.BAY.DEU.EU

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