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TH-3 antenna problems

Subject: TH-3 antenna problems
From: price@cod.nosc.mil (James N. Price)
Date: Thu Feb 11 12:58:54 1993
My TH-3 tri-bander crapped out during the Sprint this last
weekend.  (My matchbox allowed me to keep going, but my antenna
gain was clearly kapoot).

The symptom:  SWR is 3:1 on all freqs on all three bands, i.e. no
dip in the SWR curve anywhere.  Anyone had experience with this?
I'm assuming a trap has shorted (opened?).

I've had the antenna about 7 years.  Yes, it's been raining a lot
here in S. Calif, but the antenna crapped out after a week of warm
dry weather.

And how does one troubleshoot such a thing?

Tnx--Jim, K6ZH, price@nosc.mil


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