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more tribanber trouble....

Subject: more tribanber trouble....
From: V111QHEG@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (P.VASILION)
Date: Thu Feb 11 18:05:52 1993
I have an old Hornet TB-1000 element tribander which was working quite well
when it was put up this summer. Recently the SWV fluctuates wildly on
20 and 15 and is always poor on 10. Do any of the old timers out there remember
how the traps are disassembled? Any sugestions on cleaning them without 
destroying them? Should I be looking for a newer yagi! One more factoid, 
the 70 pound weight of the yagi prevents too many excursions to the top of the
tower to get it off, as I have to get a gin-pole or call the F.D. to borrow
a bucket truck to remove the antenna.

Thanks and 73, 

Peter KB2NMV

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