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SSB Sprint e-mail

Subject: SSB Sprint e-mail
From: N098EQ@tamvm1.tamu.edu (Rick, K7GM)
Date: Tue Feb 16 08:26:07 1993
     I have sucessfully tamed the big TAMU computer (I am told that the
psycological scars will remain with me for a while).  Consequently, if you
wish to send SSB Sprint logs to me via e-mail you can do so.

     I need the logs in ASCII format, no more than 80 columns wide.  The
ARRL format is fine as is the output from NA.  The band info needs to be
80, 40, 20 rather than 3.5, etc.  Basically, the format of a submission
to Trey for CW is ok with me for phone.  If you don't want to use e-mail,
you can send a disk.

     In addition to your electronic log, send me a summary sheet.  Not only
will it give me something to write on, but it will be a cross-check to
ensure I have accounted for all logs.  Send a summary sheet whether you use
e-mail or a floppy.

     For all logs submitted by e-mail, I will send you a reply when I have
pulled the data off the mainframe onto a floppy.

     Send all e-mail submissions to:
            Bitnet:   n098eq@tamvm1
            Internet: n098eq@tamvm1.tamu.edu
     Again, the character after the "n" is a zero, not an "oh."  Most people
use the internet address.

     Any mailed logs (floppy or paper) go to:
            Rick Niswander, K7GM
            P.O. Box 2857
            College Station, TX  77841
     Either size floppy is ok.

     I urge you to submit your log electronically for both CW and SSB.  It
makes my job a whole lot easier and saves you money too.

               Rick, K7GM

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