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Subject: ARRL CW
From: 0004504465@mcimail.com (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Tue Feb 23 05:22:00 1993
15 METERS K2SS 1292Q 109C   422K

20 METERS N2AA 1285Q 103C   398K     24 HRS

Some Satanic interventions:  rotor wks only from EU to ZL  (No South!)

T/R relay in Henry fried.

Wkd SA and Carrib off back of ant.  Even beat out K1AR once.

Started snowing Sunday Morning; Some power insulator nearby joined
contest about 15 minutes into the snowstorm.  noise grew to S9+
and had to quit cuz cudn't hear anybody.  Noise was still S9
at midnight when hit sack.  Checked band Monday Morning before
going to work;  NO NOISE.  Quiet as a mouse (SIGH!).

Had a great time for a while.

73 de Gene N2AA

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