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24 hour tests

Subject: 24 hour tests
From: tucker@eedsp.gatech.edu (Jeff Tucker N9HZQ)
Date: Tue Feb 23 16:13:35 1993
I would be in favor of more 24 hour contests.  Since all my operating is
at the club station, I have to leave home and go in to school to operate.
This means leaving my wife at home, eating out, no showers or anything.

I don't want to make it out like this is some great hardship.  But, 
contests are supposed to be fun.  Often, the end of a 48 hour contest
is no longer fun.  I think 24 hours is long enough to enjoy all the
different types of propagation, etc. and allows you to work your heart
out and not blow the whole weekend.

How do you guys who operate an entire contest get that past your spouses?
Maybe it's because we've been married less than a year, but I know mine
won't stand for it.  I'm operating 160 this weekend one night, and that
will be my first overnight contest since bachelorhood ended.  Please 
tell me that in a few years she'll be encouraging me to go contest for the
weekend and give her some peace.

By the way, did you see in the last OPDX about the couple that were 
planning on operating /KH6 during their honeymoon?  Not on ours, that's
for sure.  I had a /VP9 license in hand, but didn't make a contact.
She vetoed bringing the 735 along.  Well, maybe next time.

73 de Jeff

Jeff Tucker    ()<                  N9HZQ
tucker@eedsp.gatech.edu             Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
W4AQL Contest Domination Team       Georgia Institute of Technology
                   -PGP Key Available On Request-

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