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Contest Length

Subject: Contest Length
From: young@young.enet.dec.com (Not a paperless office)
Date: Tue Feb 23 17:51:26 1993
Maybe we can compromise:

We could formally request that the ARRL make the DX Contest CW 96
hours again.  Last weekend was fun, and I could go for another 48
hours of Coca-cola, doughnuts, and CW.

And we could request that the SSB contest be shortened to six hours.

Seriously, after every major contest a bunch of people say "let's
shorten it".  Last year the cry was for 36.  This year 24?

If you only want to operate 24 hours, then operate 24 hours.  If you
want to operate 36 hours then do that.  The current 48 hour format is
great for that because you can pick your 24 hours out of the whole
weekend.  Casual ops link this because they can get in a fair amount
of operating time without giving up other commitments.

If you are not competitive in a 48 hour DX contest you will not be
competitive in a 24 hour DX contest.  K1AR will beat you whether it is
six or ninety six hours.  If you want to win an award, request that
the ARRL have more awards.

As far as the suggestion that a specific time could be found that
would allow more people to participate seriously because of avoiding
work days, serious contesters often take Friday off to prepare (and
they go to work Monday so they can relax).

As to back to back contests, I operated 80 meters from K1RX.  The
antenna I used needs to be retuned for the SSB weekend.  When should
this be done, at night?

And to the guy who just got married, I can't offer any suggestions.
My wife has an extra class license and is taking me to the Dayton
Hamvention (which, thank god, they are not trying to shorten to
24 hours).  Maybe you should get her interested in contesting?

                             Paul, K1XM

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