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Contests and spouses

Subject: Contests and spouses
From: winter@apple.com (Patty Winter)
Date: Tue Feb 23 20:29:45 1993
Jeff N9HZQ writes:
>How do you guys who operate an entire contest get that past your spouses?

Maybe they don't have to "get it past" their spouses. My ex-boyfriend
never objected when I stayed up late contesting. :-) I expect that Dave
Leeson and Eric Scace, among others, could point to a similar lack of
spouse problems.

Okay, those examples may be atypical because everyone involved is a
ham. But I certainly know non-ham spouses who don't mind the ham's
activities. Next week, for instance, I'll be doing the ARRL DX phone
contest from a friend's house in the San Joaquin Valley. His wife isn't
at all offended when we spend hours out in the garage playing radio.

It sounds like your problems are exacerbated by your having to leave
the house for the contest. I hope you can move soon to someplace where 
you can set up your own station.


p.s. Someone else suggested trying to get your wife interested in
ham radio. That's a great idea *if* you approach it from how it could
benefit her and you don't pressure her about it. I'm not suggesting that
you personally would do that, Jeff! But I've seen it happen before.

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